Set up the Twitter crawler service

The twitter crawler service can be integrated in Uwazi to import tweets from Twitter.

To set up this service in Uwazi, follow these steps:

  1. Set up the service: instructions here

  2. Set up a Redis server

  3. Configure Redis in Uwazi using the following environment variables:

    export REDIS_HOST=[redis_host]
    export REDIS_PORT=[redis_port]
  4. Activate the external services in Uwazi with the following environment variable:

    export EXTERNAL_SERVICES=true
  5. Add to the Uwazi database the hashtags or user handles to crawl:

    In db.settings add
           "twitterIntegration": {
           "searchQueries": [
           "tweetsTemplateName": "[Template name for the tweets]",
           "hashtagsTemplateName": "[Template name for the hashtaghs/user handlers]", 
           "language": "[Language to save the entities in Uwazi]",
           "tweetsLanguages": ["en"]

    Do NOT use template names that already exists in Uwazi!